Our goal is to create new therapeutics via protein manipulation for serious neurological diseases.

About Us

Primary Peptides is a pioneer in three transformational areas of therapeutic development:

  • Protein-protein interaction blockade which prevents specific disease-causing proteins from interacting with each other;
  • Stabilizing and strengthening the interaction of proteins which do not typically interact using peptide based molecular glues; and
  • Protein degradation which harnesses the body's own natural processes to destroy disease causing proteins via the lysosome or the proteasome.

By adopting these approaches, we are expanding the pool of undruggable targets. Our goal is to develop a new generation of therapeutics for patients that currently have few options, if any, to treat their diseases effectively.

We are a platform company with a clinical stage asset targeting Neuroprotection in Stroke, and two assets ready to enter IND enabling studies in Parkinson's Disease targeting alpha synuclein, and ALS targeting TDP-43.


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