Primary Peptides has developed a set of powerful new technologies that enable us to:

  1. Block the interactions between any arbitrary pair of proteins
  2. Acutely and reversibly reduce the level of a particular protein, without interfering with messenger RNA expression, by targeting that protein for lysosomal degradation.

Primary Peptides scientists have longstanding broad expertise in neuroscience, proteomics and cell signaling, and have already developed lead compounds in several areas.

Primary Peptides welcomes collaboration. We are interested in collaboration with both commercial and academic partners.  If your project can identify a protein whose levels need to be reduced, we can generally provide a targeting peptide to do so. Similarly, we can work with you to develop blockers of particular protein-protein interactions.  If you have identified a biological target for a particular disease or condition, we should be able to rapidly develop a lead compound for that target.  If you have a disease application, but have not yet converged on a target, we can provide expertise and assistance at this level as well.