Management Team

CEO & co-founder: Max S. Cynader, CM, OBC, PhD, FRSC, FCAHS

Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Canada Research Chair in Brain Development, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Founder of 4 start-ups. First company NeuroVir, a biotechnology company which developed gene therapy products to treat brain cancer, was sold for $140 million to Medigene AG in Germany in 2001


CSO & co-founder: Yu Tian Wang, MD, PhD, FRSC

Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Centre for Brain Health at the University of British Columbia and the holder of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon Chair in Stroke Research, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Co-founder of NoNO Inc, a peptide therapeutics company with a peptide product that has successfully finished a phase 3 clinical trial


COO: Jack Jin, PhD

PhD in neuroscience from the University of British Columbia. 10+ years’ research experience. Inventor of  several patents, winner of many awards & honors, and a passionate young entrepreneur. A key member since the company was founded. Dr. Jack Jin has been actively involved both in strategic planning and day-to-day management of the company.