Business Advisory Board

Malcolm Kendall, MBA

Malcolm Kendall has over 28 years of operational management, entrepreneurial, venture capital investment and leadership experience, the majority of which has been focused on company creation and building value in technology and biotechnology companies. Malcolm Kendall was the co-founder and CEO of several biotech companies, including Microbiome Insights and Indel Therapeutics Inc. Malcolm Kendall was an investment professional with life science focused venture capital firms MDS Capital (now Lumira Capital), BioVista Capital (now Hatteras Venture Partners) and Intersouth Partners.


Peng Wang, PhD

Senior Vice President of R&D, Simcere Pharmaceutical Group. Dr. Peng Wang was a project or team/organization leader responsible for discovery and/or development of about 30 new drug candidates in the US and China. Among them, SCH 55700 (Reslizumab,Cinquil™) has been launched globally and Sanbexin™ has been launched in China.


William Wei-Guo Jia, MSc, PhD

Company co-founder. Associate professor (retired) at the Department of Surgery at UBC. Founder and CSO of several high-tech companies, including Panagin Pharmaceuticals, Pepmetric Biotech Inc and ViroGin Biotech. ViroGin recently raised $62 million and has successfully brought an oncolytic virus drug candidate into the clinic in Australia and China.